Stowaway 2022, Cast, Wiki, Actors, Release Date, Budget

Stowaway 2022 is a very amazing movie in 2022 this movie category in (Mystery) this movie is based on criminal activity IMDB to this movie to rating gave is (3.2 out of 10) give is, this movie released the same date as Bullet Train movie, Bullet Train it’s very super hit movie in 2022 on this movie of a thing so this movie spend only 1 mouth in a cinema and earing in $30 million budget hasn’t revealed yet but it would reportedly be around $20 million on this movie cross the movie budget and earn in $30 million.

Stowaway 2022, Cast, Wiki, Actors, Release Date, Budget

Stowaway 2022 Cast

Stowaway Cast very amazing and talented cast in this movie’s first role-play in (Ruby Rose) Ruby is an overshadowed actress is career started in 2007 MTV Australia which the TV series was, and she is totally 13+ movie worked And she also worked in (John Wick) series those is very super it serves.

And this movie’s second main role play by (Frank Grillo) frank one of the actors and the producer and he is a very amazing actor he is started his career in 1992 with his first movie (The Mambo Kings) was a movie and he is totally 50+ movies he also worked on (Avengers: Endgame) this is very amazing it a movie, and also include in very talented casts in this movie.

  1. Patrick Schwarzenegger as (Michael)
  2. Luis Da Silva Jr. as (Captain Lawson)
  3. Emma Maddock as (Teenage Bella)
  4. Major Dodge as (Arthur Denton)
  5. Scotty Bohnen as (Sunshine)
  6. Danny Bohnen as (Jim)
  7. James Di Giacomo as (Baby Face Sailor)
  8. Eden Harper as (Young Bella)
  9. Michelle Malentina as (Heather)
  10. Shane Malone as (Bar Patron)
  11. Anna Grace Loman as (Anna)
  12. Scott Moore as (Captain Al)

Stowaway 2022 Cast Salary

Stowaway 2022 budget is a very normal budget movie in 2022 hit the theaters (August 5, 2022) Stowaway 2022 Cast Salary of the main character is charged upfront $2 million and includes other characters’ salary it will be casting totally cost ($6.7 Million) and another personality charge like (Cinematography, Edited by, Music by, Languages translate, and ETC) ($13.3 million) and total movie cost ($20 million).

  1. Ruby Rose ($2 million)
  2. Frank Grillo ($1 million)
  3. Patrick Schwarzenegger ($800K)
  4. Luis Da Silva Jr. ($700K)
  5. Emma Maddock ($600K)
  6. Major Dodge ($500K)
  7. Scotty Bohnen ($500K)
  8. Danny Bohnen ($400K)
  9. James Di Giacomo ($200K)

Stowaway 2022 Other Information

  1. Directed by: Declan Whitebloom
  2. Written by: Ian Hayden
  3. Cinematography by: Giles Dunning
  4. Edited by: Paul Bupte
  5. Music by: BC Smith
  6. Running time: 1 Hour 34 minutes
  7. Language: English + Hindi
  8. Box Office: $30 million

Stowaway 2022 Official Trailer

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