Bullet Train, Cast, Box Office, Budget, Director

Bullet Train Is a super hit and blockbuster movie in 2022 this same date at which time release (Stowaway) movie but Bullet Train is very easily bet Stowawat movie because this movie’s main actor Brad Pitt, before the releasing this movie director, reveals this movie will be a super hit and after the release this only 1 week spend in the cinema cross the $100 million this movie is a best action and comedy, all actor unbeliever role play because this movie writer (Maria Beetle and Kōtarō Isaka) this it very incredible movie writer when Kōtarō write (Little Nights, Little Love) it’s a very romantic movie in 2019.

Bullet Train, Cast, Box Office, Budget, Director

Bullet Train Cast

Bullet Train Cast a very talented cast this movie’s first main play is Brad Pitt he is already too work 47 movies he start his Career in 1997 with (The Dark Side of the Sun), and this movie was a very super hit movie in 1997 than of previous time highest earning movie, and even than Brad Pitt kept his recond his movie also generated revenue of one hundred million dollars in a week and another second main role play in Joey King

she s definitely a good actor and she joined the industry in 2006 she started his career in 2006 TV series (Malcolm in the Middle)  and start in the film industry form 2008 was his first movie (Quarantine) this movie was a super hit, and when it comes to Bullet talented cast its include.

  1. Aaron Taylor-Johnson
  2. Brian Tyree Henry
  3. Andrew Koji
  4. Hiroyuki Sanada
  5. Michael Shannon
  6. Benito A. Martínez Ocasio
  7. Sandra Bullock

Bullet Train Cast Salary

Bullet Train budget is the very high biggest movie in 2022 hit the theaters (August 5, 2022) Bullet Train Cast Salary of the main character is charged upfront $5 million and includes other characters’ salary it will be casting totally cost ($12.9 Million) and another personality charge like (Cinematography, Edited by, Music by, Languages translate, and ETC) ($77.1 million) and total movie cost ($90 million).

  1. Joey King ($3 million)
  2. Aaron Taylor Johnson ($1 million)
  3. Brian Tyree Henry ($1 million)
  4. Andrew Koji ($800K)
  5. Hiroyuki Sanada ($700K)
  6. Michael Shannon ($500K)
  7. Benito A. Martínez Ocasio ($500K)
  8. Sandra Bullock ($400K)

Bullet Train Other Information

  1. Directed by: David Leitch
  2. Written by: Maria Beetle, Kōtarō Isaka
  3. Cinematography by: Jonathan Sela
  4. Edited by: Elisabet Ronaldsdottir
  5. Music by: Dominic Lewis
  6. Running time: 2 Hours 6 minutes
  7. Language: English + Hindi
  8. Box Office: $231 million

Bullet Train Official Trailer

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