Red Notice Cast, Release Date, Salary, Producer, Budget

Red Notice Cast, Release Date, Salary, Producer, Budget is a 2021 best comedy and action this movie Netflix very popular movies Netflix Ravel complete week top 1 rank cross world record and this biggest Budget movie in 2021 Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber and Produced by Beau Flynn, Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, Rawson Marshall Thurber, Hiram Garcia and Production companies Flynn Picture Company, Seven Bucks Productions, Bad Version, Inc. and movie Distributed by (Netflix).

Red Notice Cast, Release Date, Salary, Producer, Budget

Red Notice Plot

At the starting of the film, we notice a few thieves trying to steal golden eggs. This movie starts where it tells about the love story of the general and his queen. As we see it is a normal love story, where both are killed. But the biggest misery is that three golden eggs. As noticed, the king has gifted this golden egg to Queen on their wedding day. It was hard to evaluate their price. For years, it seems a rumor. But later on, people found two eggs. But where is the third egg? Is still a mystery. In egg was sold in the market and the other was displayed in a museum. Further, we

notice a man making an artificial egg. In the next scene we notice, the FBI team comes into a museum where the golden egg is kept. FBI team is led by an officer, here we notice John and his partner. The partner orders the manager to clear the museum. According to their information, the thief is going on to steal eggs from here. John declares that the thief has already stolen the egg and this is an artificial egg. The manager doesn’t believe and ignores him satirically. Meanwhile , John takes a cold drink from a child and pours on the egg. As the cold drink fell on it melts down. John’s friend hurriedly asks to seal the museum….

Red Notice Cast

  1. Dwayne Johnson as (John)
  2. Ryan Reynolds as (Nolan Booth)
  3. Gal Gadot as (Sarah Black)
  4. Chris Diamantopoulos as (Sotto Voce)
  5. Ritu Arya as (Urvashi Das)
  6. Ivan Mbakop as (Tambwe)
  7. Vincenzo Amato as (Director Gallo)
  8. Rafael Petardi as (Chief Ricci)

Red Notice Cast’s Salary’s

  • Dwayne Johnson as ($23.15 million)
  • Ryan Reynolds as ($20 million)
  • Gal Gadot as ($20 million)
  • Chris Diamantopoulos as ($8 million)
  • Ritu Arya as ($5 million)
  • Ivan Mbakop as ($5 million)
  • Vincenzo Amato as ($5 million)
  • Rafael Petardi as ($3 million)

Red Notice Budget biggest movie 2021 hit the theaters November 5, 2021 Red Notice Cast Dwayne Johnson charges upfront $23.15 million and includes other characters salary only casting totally cost ($89.15 Million) and other personality charge like (Cinematography, Edited by, Music by, Languages translate, and ETC.) $110.85 million and total movie cost $200 million.

Red Notice Other Information

  • Cinematography by: Markus Förderer
  • Edited by: Michael L. Sale, Julian Clarke
  • Music by: Steve Jablonsky
  • Release date: November 5, 2021
  • Languages: Multi language translate
  • Running time: 1 Hour 58 Minutes
  • Box office: N/A

Red Notice Official Trailer

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